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Facebook research shows couples become made for each other after marriage

06, Oct 2013 By idiot420

Mumbai. According to a research paper published in a leading international journal, scientists have proved that men and women automatically start looking made for each other post marriage.

Scientists have derived this conclusion after closely analyzing online and offline social life of 51 newly wed couples for one month after their marriage.

Made for each other
One data point from the research

“There were couples who appeared like Sreesanth-Harbhajan pair and some appeared like iPhone-KRK pair. I mean, no way one could say they will marry each other. But once they got married, 60 out of 85 comments on one of such couple’s picture on Facebook says ‘made for each other’ – it’s a universal phenomenon,” said lead researcher Samir Jahav.

When asked why did they not consider the possibility that a person could be lying online, Samir said that the researchers couldn’t find a logical explanation on why someone would “troll” a married a couple.

Faking News talked to one of the couple from the 51 data points documented in the research.

“After my engagement I updated my Facebook cover pic with a photo of my hand and my fiancé’s hand exchanging ring. I was amazed to see how people were finding even the hands made for each other, it was so sweet,” said Priya recounting memories of her engagement.

“Many times it happens that even we as couple are not so sure that we look so much made for each other, but rest of our family and friends think so and that’s what matters,” added Priya.

Since the researchers have discounted trolling, they are exploring the possibility if wedding creates an optical illusion leading to appearance of symmetry.