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Facebook to update status automatically if you are at some airport in India

12, Oct 2014 By beserious

New Delhi. After seeing millions of status updates from airports all over the India everyday, Facebook has announced that they will update your status automatically if you are at any airport of India. It will also update the status of your journey details once you get into the flight.

People celebrating in the streets.

This step was taken by a joint venture of Facebook and Airport Authority of India after an incident where a group of people, who had earlier forgotten to check-in on Facebook, returned to the airport from hotel to update their status to let people know that they were on airport.

Sources tell Faking News that people are very happy with this step and it’s like a festival all over the Facebook.

Indian police department too is happy and waiting for the status updates from high profiles criminals, who are always absconding in police records.

This has alerted the criminals, who have sent an anonymous mail to Indian Government to stop such service as it was against privacy rights. Experts say that since India does not have any privacy rights to begin with, Supreme Court will upheld this decision, forcing criminals to use other means of travel.

However, some are misusing this facility. A group of young boys were earlier caught trying to update their statuses from outside of the airport even though they had no air tickets. Their Facebook account has been banned from updating status from the airports of all over the India on immediate effect, an AAI authority confirmed.

“If they deposit a fine that is equal in worth to an air ticket, their accounts will be unbanned,” the authority clarified.