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Fake doctor caught after he was found handing out legible prescription to patients

20, Mar 2018 By @jurnoleast

A man posing as a doctor was today apprehended by locals and handed over to the cops after much drama.

Sources say that patients grew suspicious after the doctor started giving out neatly written prescriptions slips.

The doctor who joined the city clinic a few weeks back in the OPD section is being interrogated and in suspected to be part of a larger racket.

“We believe that there could be more involved and we have asked patients to keep a check on the handwriting. If they find any prescription that is remotely readable, please inform the authorities,” said the police officer investigating the case.

Speaking about the aforementioned incident he said, “Patients couldn’t get medicines from the chemist after the counter guys found it difficult to read the prescription as the handwriting was good. This lead to chaos and many patients protested outside the hospital. That’s when we launched an investigation and found the fake doctor.”

Meanwhile, local administration is not taking any chances and have now divided to administer a handwriting test to all doctors to weed out the fakes.