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Family rejects prospective groom after he fails to speak in the American accent after returning from US

22, May 2018 By @jurnoleast

A South Delhi family, which was in midst of preparations for their son’s wedding got the shocking news of the wedding being called off as the US returned groom failed to speak in American accent.

Sources close to the brides family say that they were the ones who were shocked to find the groom spoke in ‘regular Indian accent’. “The ladkiwale had told all their friends and relatives that the groom was Amrikka return. But at a family function when he showed no signs of having an accent, things took a different turn.”

The brides family is now planning to lodge a complaint at the local police station for the social embarrassment they had to face.

“My husband’s sister’s nephew’s aunt’s son is studying in US and I have an accent. How can this guy who claims to be working there for 5 years not have it,” said the bride’s mother.

Friends and family and trying their best to do some damage control, a reconciliation between the two families could save the wedding.

“The groom has agreed to take crash course in US accent from a local coaching class. Hopefully things would get sorted before the wedding date,” said a source close to both families.