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Facebook to make itself a little less loser-friendly

12, Mar 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

California, USA. In an attempt to make itself more user-friendly and spam-free website, Facebook has decided to make itself a little less loser-friendly.

“We are thinking of adding some security features that will make it difficult for idiots and losers to use the website in a way it was never meant to be used,” a Facebook official told Faking News.

Loser Generated Content
The above profile picture could be automatically added to users identified as losers based on their online activity

The social networking website was forced to take this decision after it was overrun with ‘Kim Kardashian/Rihanna leaked video’ spams apart from the usual loser activities such as people asking others to ‘like and share’ some random picture/post to prove loyalty to a country/idea/individual.

“Not to mention losers adding girls as friends and sending them messages appreciating beauty of their profile pictures,” the official said, “We are trying to find out how to make Facebook free of such problems.”

The official revealed that initially Facebook thought of taking help from Justice Katju – a world famous expert on idiots – but they dropped the idea as he might have brought down the number of registered users by 90%.

“It would have killed our traffic and revenues,” the source feared, “Also, we were not too sure about Katju’s credentials after he made a Facebook page that predicted India and Pakistan uniting within 15-20 years.”

Among the features that Facebook is planning to introduce to make itself less loser-friendly are ability to add one’s active orkut account and tracking people who copy-paste a status message that promises to make them the CEO of Facebook just by copying-pasting the message.