Female models at Auto Expo go unnoticed, organizers blame it on slowdown

07, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

Delhi auto Expo is currently being held in the capital, showcasing the best automobiles from manufacturers. But the event has not received the footfalls that it usually gets. To make matters worse, models standing next to the exhibits too haven’t been able to attract any crowds.


Event organizers have blamed the ‘no show’ on slowdown and held the Govt directly responsible for the fiasco. Speaking to Faking News one of the organizers said, “Footfalls too haven’t been as good as the previous year. There was a time when Auto Expo attracted crowds like devotees to Kumbh Mela. And it’s no secret that most the people were at the venue to check out the female models standing next to the car. But who cares, at least they filled the venue.”

“There is no other reason but the Govt’s economic policies to blame. Itne bure din toh humne kabhi dekhe hi nahi,” he added.

Models too worried at the dwindling numbers. “There always used to be some crowd even on weekdays. They used to take selfies, make videos, ask for my contact number. One even proposed marriage to me,” revealed a model standing next to KIA’s next concept car.

Sources say that many of the jobless youth in Delhi, who formed a major percentage of the Auto expo crowd, were busy at the protest site.

The organizers are now pitching the event to Mechanical Engineering students from neighboring engineering colleges, hoping see a good turnout for the next couple of days.