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Finance Ministry to send notice to Shiv Sena asking for entertainment tax

10, Nov 2014 By CB

New Delhi. Shiv Sena with its U-turns and contradictory stands provided a lot of entertainment. This was evident not only during Maharashtra government formation but also during Narendra Modi cabinet expansion earlier yesterday.

Will he won’t he drama about Anil Desai of Shiv Sena joining Union Cabinet continued till almost hour before oath taking ceremony. This situation provided lot of entertainment to media houses and people on social media.

“At least, we are contributing in revenue generation”

However, Finance Minister Arun Jaitely is not in mood to laugh. With tough target of cutting down fiscal deficit without imposing additional taxes, Jaitely is scratching his head for generating more revenue.

Sources in Finance Ministry have told Faking News that Finance Ministry has asked Finance Secretary to explore option of sending notice to its NDA ally Shiv Sena for paying entertainment tax. This would help government generate extra revenue.

Finance Ministry officials declined to comment on this development. However, sources have told matter is being seriously considered.

If this matter goes ahead, government would have some ground as it’s being done to an ally albeit a sulking one.

If it happens, government is planning to use same model on future Rahul Gandhi rallies during upcoming assembly elections in 2015.