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After firing all its employees, IT company lays off coffee machines as part of restructuring

03, Aug 2017 By @jurnoleast

An IT company in Bengaluru became the first to lay off coffee machines as part of its organization wide restructuring process. Apparently, the company has already fired most of its employees leaving only the CEO, handful of HR employees and a few housekeeping staff.

Speaking to Faking News a source from HR department said, “I was asked by my senior to ask the coffee machines to put down its papers. So I had a chat with one of the machine and tried convincing it to resign by 10 AM the next day, failing which we would have to pull the plug. But there was no response.”

The CEO however had a different version and said that the coffee machines accidentally ended up in the list of employees to be fired. “I think one the employee accidentally mixed up the list of ‘furniture and fixture’ with the list of employees. Maybe because those were to be fired were nothing better than furniture,” he sneered.

When questioned if the layoffs would stop post the exit of the machines, the CEO said, “It will never stop. If there are no employees left,we will hire new ones and fire them the next day.”

Surprisingly these coffee machines received excellent ratings in annual appraisals leaving many wondering the reason for laying off star performers.