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Fish association condemns Maharashtra govt's ban on fisherman from other states

16, Apr 2015 By journalist4freelance

Mumbai. Fish association of the Konkan region residing in the water of the Maharashtra state condemned the act of the government to ban fisherman from the other state to do the fishing.

The spokesperson of the association Rohu fish speaking on the behalf of the fishes said that it’s an inappropriate decision and violates the fundamental right of the common fish because it’s upon the fish’s personal decision to choose the net and stomach of the human being and no decision of the human can encroach their legal right.

Fishermen from other states
Fishermen from other states

Earlier in a reply to a motion of propriety in the Upper House, minister of state for fisheries, Vijay Deshmukh, said that government of Maharashtra is considering a ban on the fishermen from Kerala and Karnataka fishing in the Mumbai and Konkan region. Fish association of the Konkan region found this statement very offensive and are planning to set a large scale protest against this development.

Rohu fish appeal to other aquatic association effective in the Konkan region to join them in the protest. If organized successfully, this will be the first large stage protest by any aquatic species against the human infringement into their life. A silent anger of resentment was felt in the Konkan region against the government decision and few fishermen spotted numerous fish plying out of the Konkan region.

Fish association of Konkan region is also planning to challenge the government decision in Supreme Court but their inability to travel to New Delhi is creating hurdle in the path of justice.