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Five possible reasons why BJP poll manifesto release is being delayed

03, Apr 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. BJP has announced that they are going to release their poll manifesto on 7th of April, the very day Lok Sabha elections begin. Faking News brings to you five possible reasons which could have caused this delay:

BJP Leaders
“Live on the edge”

1. Chaar Dhaam Yaatra: It’s highly probable that to take blessings of the almighty, BJP leaders might have taken the original manifesto copy on pious chaar dhaam yaatra. “It’s such an important document! If our top leadership is really doing this, I don’t mind a bit of delay,” said a BJP supporter. “Communal fascist mindset exposed!” said an anti-BJP intellectual.

2. L.K Advani: Another possible reason of the delay could be senior leader Lal Krishna Advani, whose turbulent  relationship with Modi camp is world famous now. He might have ran away with few pages of the original copy after being denied the changes he wanted.

3. Shubh Muhurat: Some priest (the communal type) could have suggested BJP to release the manifesto on an auspicious occasion, which is 4 AM in the morning of 7th April. Although BJP has rejected this theory, they have urged people to wake up early in the morning and read the manifesto before going to vote.

4. Engineer BJP members: Engineers are seen as a natural supporter group of the party and many of them have joined the campaign. Apart from bringing their analytical and technical skills, they have also brought one of the key engineering skill of finishing the work in the last moment.

5. Modi Wave: Considering the strong Modi wave across the country, possibility of manifesto getting drowned and washed away can’t be ignored.