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Foreseeing lot of work as Congress President, Rahul Gandhi applies for leave in advance

25, Feb 2015 By idiot420

New Delhi. Taking preemptive measures to avoid ruining his work-life balance, incumbent Congress VP Rahul Gandhi has applied for leave in advance, minutes after being tipped off about his appointment as next party President.

Rahul Gandhi, who currently is on a soul searching trip, was not much happy for being disturbed with this news. However, after calming down, reportedly he called his mother to check party leave policies for the post of President.

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“Better work life balance, that’s my priority”

“But 20 casual working days and 12 emergency working days in a year was too tough for him,” said Pranav, a close aide of Rahul Gandhi adding that even senior party members were aware of this fact, “Although Sonia madam was adamant to not give him anymore freedom besides allowing him to work from Greece, Thailand or Gangotri, Digvijay Singh couldn’t control his feelings and asked Rahul Ji to apply for leaves in advance.”

“Digvijay Singh understands how important work-life balance is for Rahul Ji,” Pranav continued, “Senior party leaders being a bunch of rational minded people are ready to accept Rahul Ji’s demand as for well being of the party it is very important that party chief remains happy.”

Meanwhile, a source close to Congress reveals that after a year, Rahul Gandhi will be reviewing his work-life balance, and if he finds it to be deteriorating, he may consider shutting down party offices in a few states.