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Free WiFi does not mean you start spamming Good Morning messages, Kejriwal cautions Whatsapp admins

04, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

The much awaited free WiFi was finally announced by Arvind Kejriwal today. However the Delhi CM had a caveat for Whatsapp admins. While speaking at the press conference Kejriwal said, “I know free WiFi will also lead to increase in the menace of Good Morning messages. We thought it through before making this announcement. So We have capped the number of such messages to just 3 per group. If someone is found violating it, the group admin will be taken to task.”


“However Good Morning messages with my image as the background and the text ‘Vote for Kejriwal’ is allowed. There is no cap on it,” he added.

AAP sources say that the IT will be closely monitoring the content being shared through its WiFi facility.

Though citizens have welcomed the move, there were also concerns that the sop would also see an exponential rise in TikTok videos.

A senior member from AAP’s IT cell, while speaking to our reporter said, “This was also discussed by our members before rolling out the plan. We are keeping an eye on the usual suspects such as Dhinchak Pooja and also blocked them from accessing our Wifi.”