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Friend returns pen drive in three days, wins ‘Friend of the Year’ award

31, Jan 2018 By itsmihir1993

Vikas (24), a resident of Delhi, was recently honoured with the ‘National Friend of the Year’ Award by President Ramnath Kovind after he returned his friend’s pen drive within the specified time.


Vikas, a mechanical engineer, had borrowed a pen drive full of movies from his friend, Rahul, and promised to return it to him within four days. However, he returned it on the third day, which pleased Rahul to the extent that he nominated Vikas’s name for ‘best friend’ category at the National Awards. “It’s a miracle. Usually, if you lend your pen drive to someone, you should not hope to get it back. In fact, the pen drive I lent to Vikas is a device I had borrowed from my friend long ago; it isn’t mine, and I do not intend to return it to its owner,” revealed Rahul.

On the other hand, Vikas was ecstatic on bagging the national honour. Explaining the reason behind his kind gesture of returning the pen drive, he said, “I took the pen drive with movies in it. I finished watching all the 12 movies stored in it and returned it to Rahul within three days, so that I can quickly borrow it again with a different set of movies.”

Vikas’s love for cinema was evident from his enthusiasm to borrow new movies in the pen drive. However, watching 12 movies in a span of only three days is a major achievement, and it speaks volumes of his time management skills. When we questioned Vikas on how he managed to get time off his job to watch movies, he replied, “I am an engineer.”

Meanwhile, President Kovind also honoured Rahul for his exemplary valour of lending pen drive to friends. The action requires tremendous courage, and Rahul surely has set the bar high, explained the President.