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Foes turn Friends again after both fail in the same examination

29, May 2017 By itsmihir1993

A bizarre incident took the Kolkata Secondary School by storm when two students of class 11, Ravi Raj and Vijay Kumar, were spotted hanging out together in the school premises on the results day after things had turned sour between them a month ago during the semester examinations.

Group of Five Indian Friends Cheerful Youth Male People Outdoor
Group of Five Indian Friends Cheerful Youth Male People Outdoor

Investigations revealed that during the Math exam, Ravi had asked for an extra answer sheet despite telling Vijay that he had not studied for the exams, throwing Vijay in utter shock. Soon, events took an ugly turn and Vijay accused Ravi of betraying him. Ravi, on the other hand, tried to assure Vijay that he had asked for the extra answer sheet to impress his crush present in the same examination hall. Vijay did not approve of this misconduct and called off his friendship with Ravi. The matter got so grave that Vijay unfriended Ravi on Facebook.

However, it was only a matter of time and the results were announced. Vijay, expectedly, failed the examinations. He was found to be in disbelief, not because he failed the examination but because Ravi had also failed the examination. Ravi, on the other hand, stood near him smiling, knowing the fact that Vijay will befriend him again.

“It was an emotional reunion,” said their classmates when they saw Ravi and Vijay reuniting after both failed miserably in the exams. “I had faith in him but I got scared when he asked for an extra answer sheet,” said an emotional Vijay.

The school principal informed us that there are several such students in the school who bonded over their inability to pass the examinations. “It makes the school management really happy that we have succeeded in bringing students closer by announcing their examination results,” she said.

As a vital token of friendship, Vijay sent Ravi a friend request on Facebook again, putting the rumours surrounding their bond to rest.