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Frustrated with no clarity over who will commit jauhar, news reporter covering Padmavati issue threatens to commit jauhar himself

23, Jan 2018 By @jurnoleast

Rajput women who threatened to commit jauhar if Padmavati was released have now taken a U-turn and asked director Sanjay Leela Bhansali to do jauhar instead. And this latest development has left a news reporter hugely frustrated.

Akhilesh Singh  who works for AVP News has been covering the Padmavati for last 3 months and found himself tearing his hair apart after there was no clarity over who would eventually be performing the act of jauhar.

The reporter today tweeted out that he will be doing the act if Rajput women and Bhansali don’t make up their mind in the next few days.

The tweet went viral on social media and manage to elicit from his fraternity of reporters who too are now planning to join him in the act to register their frustration over the entire issue.

“Do you know what we reporters have been going through all this while. I was almost done with my special report on Padmavati issue with Hollywood style vfx and background score. But now all that is down the drain,” he lamented.

News reporters from other channels too will be joining Akhilesh to express their solidarity.

Sources say that Govt is trying its best to control the situation before it gets out of hand. “A notice has been sent to both Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Rajput women decide among themselves over committing jauhar,” said an official from PMO.