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FTII student admits he is studying on behalf of his children

04, Aug 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Pune: In what is being considered as confession of the decade, FTII veteran student Rakesh Shukra has admitted to undertaking film courses, studying and writing exams on behalf of his children.

Rakesh Shukra at FTII. (Resemblance to any real person is purely coincidental)
Rakesh Shukra at FTII. (Resemblance to any real person is purely coincidental)

To ensure his children enjoy their life to the fullest, the big hearted Rakesh decided to study on their behalf which has been lauded by all the liberal fraternities across the country citing studies have nothing to do with age, even if it’s a 17-year course.

Unfortunately, Rakesh belongs to the class of ’98 which had a record number of dropouts. Everyone, except Rakesh had dropped out, while his honesty, integrity and perseverance to complete the 17-year course, has kept him going ever since.

The secret behind the course is that final results would be applicable to the entire family, which means anyone within direct family could use the blanket certificate to procure a job.

After Maggi and porn ban in India, a lot of idle minds are planning to join FTII to ensure a blanket degree is secured for the entire family’s future.

Sources say, FTII degree might come in handy for the unseen future but the hidden intention of idlers to have lots of fun for years as part of protest marches between popular tourist spots, is getting clear day-by-day.