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With funny cat videos going viral on social media, woman depressed that her lazy cat has no shareworthy antics

11, Dec 2017 By @jurnoleast

30 year old Neha Singh, a fashion designer from Delhi, is treating herself for depression and its not the weather in Delhi that got her to book an appointment with her family doctor. Neha’s problem is her fat-ass lazy cat Bulby (short for Bulbinder Singh), who has absolutely no ‘funny cat video’ to his credit.

“Even roadside mongrels and felines have some video or the being shared on twitter or Facebook. Yesterday our neighbor playing with her dog got a million likes on her Instagram. And look at Bulby. All he does is eat and stare at all the stray female cats passing by,” she said.

“We treat him like a family member. In fact we even made his Aadhar card,” a visibly depressed Neha revealed.

“I end up getting embarrassed each time I go to a kitty-party. They all have things to talk about their pets while I sulk. Now every time I have guests at my place, I hide Bulby in the closet. To save ourselves from embarrassment,” she added.

Apparently, Neha had hired a personal trainer hoping to teach her pet a few tricks. “I spent 50,000 on a choreographer who used to train Katrina Kaif. But that too is down the drain now,” she rued.

Even though her feline concerns are giving her sleepless nights, the fashion designer is not giving up yet. A local news channel which is planning a prime time show called ‘Billiyon ka Fashion Show’, just had Bulby in the final shortlist of contestants with the hope of getting Neha out of her depression.