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Furniture company designs a chair meant exclusively for piling up clothes

17, May 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Lucknow. A furniture company from Uttar Pradesh has taken the user friendliness of a product to a whole new level by designing a chair specially for piling up clothes.

Aalsi Furniture has been a popular brand in the heart-land for its innovative products and is known for springing surprises like “Stack Chair”. Faking News reporters spoke to the store manager Aasan Kumar to get more information on this.

“Adorably messy clothes on stack chair.”

“Aalsi Furniture has always tried to understand people’s needs irrespective of the implications, with a main motto of customer satisfaction. Stack chair is one such innovation with college students and bachelors as target customers. Majority of the target customers do not have a sense of neatness and to them, it doesn’t really matter if the clothes are well stacked in a rack or left un-cared for on the floor,” said Aasan as he threw his kerchief on the store’s stack chair.

“Moreover, we’ve learnt that most of them iron their clothes only 10 minutes before going to college/office. A stack chair would make the availability of clothes much better to pull them out and iron. Also, the chair fulfills what we call ‘the bean bag experience’ where the customer can relax on messy pile of clothes after coming back from office/college,” remarked Aasan with a great sense of pride as he looked at the day’s sale which reportedly was at an all time high.

Sources say, Aalsi Furniture is looking at expanding its franchise across the metropolitan cities anticipating a huge volume of sales.