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Gajendra Chauhan counters Ranbir Kapoor, says if Sharad Pawar can be MCA chief then what’s wrong with me as FTII chairman

09, Jul 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: It seems like the FTII fiasco is not going to end soon. After Ranbir Kapoor expressed that students should get a chairman whom they can look up to, Gajendra Chauhan has hit back.

No one dare raise a finger at Gajendra Chauhan.
No one dare raise a finger at Gajendra Chauhan.

Addressing media persons he said, “I don’t know why people are against my appointment and see me as incompetent. If Sharad Pawar can head MCA then why can I not be the Chairman of FTII? Mr. Pawar has never held a cricket bat in his life. Till some years back he couldn’t tell the difference between Virat Kohli and Armaan Kohli, but see how efficiently he is handling MCA. I can assure you of the same efficiency as a Chairman. Just give me a chance.”

Students however are not buying this argument. They say Sharad Pawar is a unique case. If FTII was a cash cow then Sharad Pawar would have applied for a top post here too. FTII is not supposed to make money. It receives funds from the government. The institute needs an eminent person as the Chairman not someone who acts as a proxy.

Meanwhile, Sharad Pawar has refused to comment on the entire issue. He was upset at the fact that people only associate him with scams and irregularities while conveniently forgetting his service to the game of cricket.