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Giriraj Singh to be appointed as Pakistan tourism brand ambassador

16, May 2014 By Postman Chacha

giriraj singh
Giriraj beaming with joy.

Islamabad. With his continuous and persistent penchant for sending people to Pakistan, Pakistan Government (the one which visits US and China, and not the Taliban or ISI)  has decided to appoint Giriraj Singh as the brand ambassador for Pakistan Tourism.

Giriraj Singh was elated with this decision that finally his speeches are making some sense and at least  someone understood his noble intentions.

Pakistani sources tell Faking News that there would be an ad campaign too where Giriraj Singh would invite people to Pakistan by saying, “Aatankwad ki galiyon se, ISI ki dhamkiyon se, Taliban ki pareshani se, China ki ghulami se, USA ke drones se, bach ke dekhe is mulq ke nazare. Badan ke kuch hisse to udwaiye Pakistan mein.”

While it seems far-fetched that many would want to visit Pakistan even after this ad-campaign, but Giriraj Singh himself has packed his bags to never return.

Meanwhile Pakistani political parties have decided to make illegal Bangladeshi Indian immigrants an issue in the next elections in the country.