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Girl posting Instagram stories every minute wins “Best Storyteller” award, writes book

12, Feb 2018 By itsmihir1993

Sree, a south Delhi girl, recently won the “Best Storyteller” award at the Indian Blogger Community Awards after she managed to post 525,600 Instagram stories in 2018, with one story every minute. An enthusiastic Sree, shortly after receiving the award, also announced the release of her first non-fiction book, titled “No tension when round-the-clock attention”.

Social networking make life more interesting
Social networking make life more interesting

Sree is popular amongst her friends for being the most active person on Instagram. After receiving several accolades from the Instagram community, she is now planning to take the reader community by storm. “I have already started my journey as a writer. I type a new WhatsApp status every minute. Nobody can stop me in my journey of becoming the author of a bestseller,” she said.

Besides WhatsApp statuses, Sree also manages to post tweets on her Twitter handle. Explaining her time management skills, she said, “Practice makes a man perfect, and I sometimes identify as a man due to gender fluidity, so I am hoping that it makes me perfect.”

According to the latest figures released by Instagram, 80% of the Indian traffic on the social media platform comprises Sree’s photos. Besides the frequent recognition from Instagram, telecom companies have gone a step further and promoted Sree’s Instagram handle across platforms—both online and offline. “Sree’s handle has a new post every minute. The data usage of her followers exceeds imaginable limits, helping our revenue models. We need more users like Sree who can help us get more revenue by excessive posting,” said a board manager of a leading telecom service provider.

Sree was on cloud nine after announcing her first book. Speaking to us, she said, “#I #Will #Rock #The #World #But #First #Like4Like #Follow4Follow #InstaDaily #InstaFollow #InstaLike #InstaAttention.”