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God cries foul, says he created humans not vote

02, Dec 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. With elections round the corner, comes a startling confession of God himself, where he expressed immense grief over how his amazing creation has turned into a mere vote.

Identities not created by God

“I never realized I was creating votes, I thought I was creating humans,” said God while giving an interview to Arnab Goswami at an undisclosed location. Giving himself a clean chit, God said that it was a lapse of judgment on parts of the humans, and he had nothing to do with it.

“There was a time when humans were nomad, lovable, independent, and thinking, just like a monkey. I am shocked how they have turned themselves from an intelligent animal to a programmed bot,” the alleged maker of the universe allegedly told Arnab.

God’s statement just before election has left both the leaders and the public red faced. However, political parties retained their composure, and unanimously demanded a CBI enquiry into the whole episode.

“If God’s allegations are found to be true, strict action will be taken against people for allowing themselves to be treated as votes and vote banks,” said Minister of Law and Justice Kapil Sibal.

Confused public is finding itself stranded between God and leaders.

“God won’t take responsibility, and leaders won’t too, so maybe we have to take responsibility,” a voter told Faking News, before he went to a place where free daaru was being distributed by a political party.