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Golgappa vendor trains techies on handling multiple clients at the same time

16, Jan 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Due to ‘challenging’ market condition, IT companies often assign techies with projects related to different clients at the same time.


To ‘educate’ techies how to handle multiple clients at the same time, HR department of a top IT company arranged a ‘special’ training session with Mukesh, a Golgappa vendor standing outside their IT park.

“Other day while having Golgappa, I got Impressed with the ‘skills’ of Mukesh. So, invited him to give a session to our stressed-out techies who cannot handle even three clients at the same time”, said Pooja, HR department soft skill section head.

During the session Mukesh explained, “You would have seen there would be close to eight people encircling me with leaf bowls who were my primary customers whom I supply golgappa in a synchronous anti-clockwise motion. In between others will come, do not give them leaf bowls immediately. Let them wait, but while you are doing your work, you must smile at them by calling them bhaiya or didi. Even if they have come yesterday, ask, Kya didi aap aaj kal dikh te nahin. Keep customer engaged”.

Mukesh added, “There will be time you will run out of aloo masala stuffing. There would be some who would be restless, give them little bit of masala you are preparing to taste by asking Namak to theek hai Bhiaya. To ‘extract’ more from them keep on delivering till they ask, kitne ka hua. Most important point is giving sukha puri and extra paani for customer satisfaction at the end. Factor that in your overall delivery cost and hide it from your customer”.

Before ending the session Mukesh said, “One more point, never use your empty hand. Use a polythene hand gloves and declare only mineral water you are using. These ‘qualities’ will stand you apart from others as some IT companies who brand themselves better by clearing ISO, CMM Level 5 certification and by adopting the best ‘practices’ in the world”.