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Google to partner with fashion brands to come up with Android Wear fall collection

30, Jun 2014 By Lakshmi Po

California, USA. After the launch of “Android Wear” in the recent Google I/O, Google has decided to go all out to promote its latest innovation.

Sources tell Faking News that Google will team up with Dolce & Gabbana this year to launch the maiden fall collection of Android Wear featuring android powered purses and shoes.

Model at a fashion show
The Google Girl

The purses will be armed with an anti-theft alarm and will alert the users about the money they are left with when they go out for shopping. It will also suggest the users what to buy.

Like the Android Auto, the shoes will be designed to give the user directions while walking. Wearers can also read their incoming messages and mails on their shoes when they sit crossed legs.

“The decision to launch this collection was much in line with our Made With Code project that aims to promote technology among young women. It isn’t fair that driving-challenged women be left out of our Android Wear collection,” a Google employee told Faking News on conditions of anonymity.

Experts are not surprised at this move as Google had partnered with chocolate brand Kit-Kat earlier.

Meanwhile, as a counter move to this initiative, Apple is all set to launch its own collection of purses and shoes to be called “iWear”, in association with Gucci.

The special feature of the iWear collection will be that the products will be over-priced and run on iOS.