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Google to provide Doodle-less homepage at workplaces at a cost

07, Aug 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Bangalore. Google has kept away from commercializing its homepage, but experts believe that this could change very soon. No, Google won’t be introducing branded Doodles for advertising, but it would provide an alternative Doodle-less homepage to companies at a premium rate.

Google Doodle
People were more eager to beat each other’s record at this hurdle game than meeting any deadline today in offices

“After Google introduced playable Doodles such as PacMan, Les Paul Guitar, and now a Hurdle runner, workplaces world over has seen employees playing the Doodle for hours, rather than paying attention to their work,” Gaurav, an expert told Faking News.

“This caused losses of millions of man-hours and billions of dollars to various corporate houses,” Gaurav explained.

“Companies will do anything to stop this loss,” he claimed.

“Now, unlike Facebook or Twitter, a workplace can’t block Google’s homepage as this could bring the world to a standstill, so I guess they will be willing pay to have a homepage at workplace computers that doesn’t have the Doodle,” the expert postulated.

Many other experts also predict that Google could soon offer such “services” to corporate clients.

“The alternate homepage, available when accessed from office internet, could have the photo of that company’s boss as Doodle,” a digital marketing consultant envisioned the future offering by Google, “Such Doodles could be made animated or playable, e.g. the boss’ photo could turn into a growling face if the user is idle for more than a minute.”