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Government appoints a committee to make the strongest law ever

29, Dec 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. To take care of almost all problems in the country, the government has decided to do something really meaningful – appointment of a committee that will make a law that is as strong as ever.

“We decided to take some concrete steps to solve some critical issues facing the nation,” Union Law Minister Ashwini Kumar told Faking News, “Sonia Gandhi asked the Prime Minister to make sure issues were well addressed, post which we had an emergency cabinet meeting.”

Experts argue that citizens of India have almost blindfolded themselves while seeking justice

Mr. Kumar informed that after a seven hour long meeting, the cabinet concluded that a committee headed by a retired judge of the Supreme Court should be formed. The committee will come up with recommendations for drafting the strongest law ever within six months.

“A law that promises strong punishment, quick justice, and a fair deal to everyone,” the Law Minister said, “The best law ever. Better than Jan Lokpal.”

When asked if the government will take any special steps to enforce the law, the minister remained non-committal.

“All I can say is that the law will take its own course,” he assured.

Citizens of India have welcomed these steps as they are sure that the government, and only the government, is responsible for all the ills facing the society.