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Government asks Twitter to remove trending topics

09, Jan 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Government of India has asked Twitter to remove “trending topics” list or at least block its display for the Indian audiences, so that the society can go back to ignoring things and feel good about everything.

“Twitter is unnecessarily promoting things that we can ignore and just pretend that they don’t exist,” IT minister Kapil Sibal argued, “Look at the case of Akbaruddin Owaisi; I mean, he has given dozens of such speeches earlier, but did we bother? Then why bother now?”

Kapil Sibal
Why don’t you just believe what our sources say? Wondered Kapil Sibal.

Sibal, who has asked for censorship of content on online media earlier too, claimed that internet was making people believe in fake things.

“No, I’m not just talking about Faking News,” he said, “But people blindly believe morphed photos, modified videos, imaginary quotes, etc. and these come from all kind of unknown sources.”

“Pre-internet days were better when people used to blindly believe in such things from only known sources, such as newspapers and news channels,” he said.

Sibal said that platforms like Twitter were unnecessarily putting pressure on the mainstream media, which was now forced to follow some of the trends.

“Only Arnab Goswami has the ability to trend things on Twitter, rest of the top journalists just follow the trends,” Sibal said, “Unfortunately, Arnab is not the ideal guy for us. At least not till we get more details about his income tax returns, call records, etc.”