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Government to notify the days on which PM cannot be criticized

16, Aug 2013 By trishanku

New Delhi. Encouraged by the widespread disapproval of Gujarat Chief Minister for criticizing PM’s independence day speech – especially the rebuke of BJP patriarch LK Advani — an Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) has been constituted to draft an ordinance to notify the days on which PM cannot be criticized.

Faking News has got access to the draft version prepared by the secretary to the committee. Giving proper justifications, it has suggested the following days:

Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister wondering if he should just stick to keeping mum than opening his mouth.

1. All working days of the offices of the Government of India: Any criticism of the PM on these days dispirits the officers and results in wrong decisions regarding allocation of natural resources, promotions and suspensions of the officers, placing orders for government supplies, etc.

2. All gazetted holidays: These days are meant to demonstrate the ‘unity in diversity’ in the nation; any criticism of the PM endangers the fragile harmony prevailing in the nation on these days.

3. All international ‘celebration days’ like Valentine day, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Friendship day, Earth day, etc. Criticizing PM on these days sends a wrong message to the international community, and lowers our nation’s already low prestige. This has been the main reason for drop in our sovereign ratings, reduction in the value of rupee and consequent far-reaching economic consequences.

Views of the state governments have also been sought on the draft. Faking News correspondent trishanku has learnt that even non-congress ruled state governments are likely to give their approval to the promulgation of such an ordinance provided it is extended to the criticism of the Chief Ministers also.

Union Government is favorably disposed to include this suggestion in the ordinance, to usher an era of peace and harmony among the politicians of the country.