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Govt to ban Phantom cigarettes, calls it a bad influence which could drive kids to smoking in later life 

18, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

After banning e-cigarettes, Govt is training its gun on candy cigarette brand Phantom. Govt believes that Phantom cigarettes are a bad influence on kids which could drive them to smoking in later life.

The popular ‘candy cigarette’ is enjoyed by kids and teenagers while imitating the actions of a person enjoying a puff. But the Govt is now coming down heavily on anything that resembles a cigarette.

“It seems harmless because it is a candy. But it subconsciously affects the minds of the younger generation who may take to actual smoking once they turn adults. Besides, the sugar content  in phantom could pose a health risk for kids,” said a Ministry official.

Sources reveal that a ban on secondhand smoke is also in the offing. When questioned if actual cigarettes would be also be banned, the official replied, “We are trying hard to get there. But it would be too early to comment.”