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Govt hints at sending Sunny Deol to Doklam border to intimidate the Chinese

22, Aug 2017 By @jurnoleast

After numerous attempts by Chinese media and their army to instigate India over Doklam standoff, the Indian side has finally decided to respond.

As per sources, Govt is planning to send bollywood actor Sunny Deol to Doklam in an effort to give a fitting reply.

“China is playing a game of intimidation and we feel the time has come respond,” said a source from defence ministry.

When questioned about their choice of sending a bollywood actor he said, “Sunny has proved himself in movies like Border and Gadar. He can single-handedly take on the enemy. One scream from him and the enemy will be back in their rat holes.”

The actor is also being provided his ‘ammunition’ like an old rusted handpump to help him in the exercise.

Our reporter tried getting in touch with the actor, but he denied having any knowledge. But

Meanwhile, the Chinese army got into a huddle after the news if Sunny’s visit made its way in the local media.

Apparently, senior officials from Peoples Liberation Army of China are now willing to discuss the issue and resolve it amicably.