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UP govt now launches Anti-Juliet Squad to arrest girls who frequently empty boyfriend's wallets

01, Apr 2017 By Beer & Biryani

Lucknow: The government of UP led by Yogi Adityanath has now created Anti-Juliet Squads to watch out for girls who spend too much money from the wallets of their boyfriends.

empty wallet

“Just like roadside romeos are a nuisance to the society, so are the Juliets who treat their boyfriends as money making machines,” said Mr. Chilman who was appointed the head of this squad.

“The Anti-Juliet squads will be all around bakeries, restaurants and pubs keenly observing boyfriends’ payment activities. All payments greater than 500 from boyfriends’ pockets will have to go through respective squad’s approvals. If found guilty, girl would have to pay the entire bill. Those who split the bill amount will not be questioned,” Mr. Chilman said as he explained the rules.

There was a huge relief in the feminist camp as they now had at least something to brag about. “Why should the squads be named after men only? Good that women have a squad of their own, hail Juliet Squad,” said Miss Rituparna as she felt delighted with UP government’s move.

The oppressed boyfriend society was happy too, as they carried out a procession wearing garlands made out of empty wallets.