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Govt officials meet top bosses at Marvel, discuss the possibility of having Shaktimaan as part of Avengers franchise

27, Apr 2018 By @jurnoleast

Miffed at not having any Indian superhero, Govt officials to meet Marvel bosses to have Shaktimaan as part of Avengers. This decision was taken after a few officials from the Ministry of Broadcasting returned from the first day first show screening of Avengers Infinity War.

The officials were not really pleased with the fact that a rising economic power like Indian has absolutely no representation in the Avengers team. “Our country, with a population of over a billion is not able to come up with a single superhero. And its not that we Indians don’t have any superpower. I think this needs more than just deliberation,” he said.

The team is planning to make a presentation to the top bosses at Marvel and if sources are to be believed, planning to pitch the candidature of Shaktimaan as part of Avengers.

Shaktimaan’s profile however has been tweaked keeping in mind the upcoming Karnataka elections. As per sources the superhero will now be a Kannadiga working in an IT company in Bengaluru. His outfit and superhero powers are also reportedly different from the earlier ones.

Congress Party has termed this move as a cheap election ploy and accused Modi of fueling the North South divide. The party even suggested Hritik Roshans Krissh as the Indian face in Avengers team.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson at Marvel Studios has denied receiving any request for Indian superhero.