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Govt urges office goers to travel like parade motorcyclists to tide over the effects of petrol price hike

30, May 2018 By @jurnoleast

With citizens feeling heat of rising fuel prices, the Govt has stepped in to ease the pain. Apart from reducing the price fuel price by 1 paise, Govt has urged office goers to travel like parade motorcyclists to ease the burden on their pockets.

“The idea is similar to car pooling. But instead of having just one pillion rider, there would be around 10 passengers on a single bike. Like those stunt motorcyclists you may have seen during Republic Day parades. Imagine the amount of money saved by common man on fuel when they all start bike pooling,” said a senior Govt official.

“With fewer bikes on road, there would be lesser pollution and traffic. I don’t see any reason why people should complain now even if petrol touches 100,” he added.

Though the BJP was optimistic about the idea, there were very few takers from the opposition. Delhi CM even labelled accusation saying that Govt has stolen his idea.

Kejriwal said that he had proposed a similar idea to the LG but that never saw the light of the day. “Ye idea pehle hamari sarkaar ne LG sahab ke saamne rakha tha. Lekin unhone uska kuch nahi kiya. Ab sarkaar uspe naya cover lagakar desh ko chu….mera matlab hai gumrah kar rahi hai,” he said while addressing the media over fuel prices.