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Guy becomes absconding to avoid the question '31st ka kya plan hai?' from friends; note says he will return on 1st Jan

19, Dec 2017 By Akash Vadera

New Year is just around the corner and people are gearing up with their plans for 31st. Hotels and resorts are getting booked; villas are getting booked; Lonavala is again getting attention from Mumbai and Pune people and much more. Amidst all this, there is a guy from Mumbai who has left his home and is absconding since the last 3 days. The reason – he wanted to avoid the question ‘31st ka kya plan hai?’ (What’s your plan on 31st?) from friends.


However bizarre this may sound, but it is true! The name of the guy who absconded is Rahul Sharma. 28-year old Rahul stays in Bandra and works in an IT company. We interviewed his brother Rohit Sharma regarding this incident and here’s what a disappointed Rohit had to say “Every year he does this. He goes into hiding for 3-4 hours before the New Year so that his friends couldn’t call or meet him and ask him about his plan. But this year, he has taken it to a next level. There are still 10 days left for New Year and he already ran away. I’m very disappointed in him. He had promised to take our parents to the function organized in our neighboring society so that I can bring my girlfriend to our house and spend the New Year with her. Wait. Is this interview going to get published?” Our reporter nodded “Uhh.. I meant so that I can sleep peacefully in my room alone, with no one, because uhh.. I like to sleep peacefully alone on 31st.. With no one.. Especially not a girl.” he smiles awkwardly. “See this note. Rahul left this behind. He has written that he won’t tell where he went, but he has withdrawn 20K from my account and will return on 1st Jan. Wait. The Goa return ticket right now is showing 10K, which leaves the remaining 10K.. for.. a party.. on 31st…”

He left the interview midway stating that he knows where Rahul is and that he will drag him back to Mumbai before he dries up the remaining 10K.