Guy calls Airtel customer care executive to complain for call drops; call with executive drops midway

16, Jun 2017 By Akash Vadera

It was one of those strange incidents for Mumbai based Rahul Sharma when he tried calling Airtel customer care for numerous times to complain for call drops. Ironically, his call with the customer care executive also dropped midway.


We interviewed Rahul Sharma on phone and here’s what he had to say “I have been using Airtel since the past 6 months. I didn’t purchase Jio back then because everyone else was doing so and I believe in NOT being mainstream. I am so NOT mainstream that if everyone praises a friend for achieving something, I don’t even wish that friend. If everyone eats Piri Piri fries, I order normal fries. I am like that one out of 10 dentists who doesn’t recommend anything.” We asked him to not go off topic and discuss about the situation, to which he replied “For the last 6 months that I have been using Airtel, I have faced so many call drops that I began to think that it was a feature that came with the SIM card. And these call drops weren’t just normal call drops, the call drops exactly when I am about to say something important. For example, the other day I needed a favor from a friend. But to avoid asking directly to her, I conversed with her for an hour, listening to her continuous blabbering. And then came the golden moment when she asked me “Tu bata. Call kyu kiya?” Just when I was about to speak, the call dropped and it started showing emergency calls only”.

This was not the only time when the call dropped in important situations. He added “I think the SIM card senses when I am about to speak something that’s important to me. To test my theory, I called on my mom’s phone lying in another room. And I whispered random words like ‘acche din aayenge’, ‘these are the nuclear codes’, ‘bik gayi hai gormint’, etc. and there was no call drop. And then I uttered ‘send nudes’ and boom! The call dropped. I tried it again with ‘Bhai ek help karega’, ‘Why did kattappa kill bahubali’ and even ‘Neha ka number de’. The call dropped each time” he stated. “But this was not it. I tried 145 times to connect to the customer care executive. They put me on hold for 72 hours. Even my first girlfriend didn’t put me on hold for such long when I had proposed to her” said an annoyed Rahul.

“Finally, the call connected. Just when I was about to tell him about my complaint, the call dropped. I couldn’t believe my eyes. And ears. I made a call to Airtel customer care executive to complain about call drops and the call with the executive dropped too. I have seen everything in my life now. I plan to shift to Himalayas” We couldn’t interview him further since the call dropped.