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Guy identifies shortage of salt in homemade khichdi; becomes food blogger

21, Jan 2018 By Akash Vadera

Food blogging is a trend that has been catching up since the last few years. Not everyone can become a food blogger as not everyone understands the ins and outs of it. Recently, a food blogger named Kanjeev Kumar shot to fame after he became a food blogger just by identifying the shortage of salt in khichdi made by his mom.


We got hold of Kanjeev and here’s what he had to say “Not everyone can become a food blogger. You need to know each and every taste and the thin line that distinguishes these tastes. Earlier, I only used to know 2 tastes – sweet and spicy. But after tasting many different dishes made by mom, I came to know about the 3rd taste – sour. Once you’ve tasted enough foods and if you’re vocabulary is proficient enough, only then can you become a food blogger. It all started when I came home from my engineering college 2 years ago. My brother was ill so mom had made khichdi for all. I still don’t understand why everyone has to eat khichdi even when one family member is ill. Khichdi has become the seasonal food of illness. Anyway, so I ate khichdi and realised a very important thing. Khichdi was missing the right amount of salt in it. I had seen some food-blogging sites, so I logged into one and entered the review of my mom’s khichdi. I added important pointers like presentation of the dish (steel plates and spoon), service time (the dish was delivered after 45 minutes) and service quality (I was hurled abuses at when I complained). I gave a review of one star. My mom beat me with chappal when she read the review the next day. This is when I realised that this is my passion. I started eating at outside eateries and blogging about them. My first stint was at the roadside ‘Rajesh Chhole Bhature wala’. I was barred from the place when I complained about the presentation in my blog and showed him the article. I started visiting eateries one after the other and blogging about them. I have been banned by 90% of them in the whole city. This is how I became famous. I’ll only be satisfied when I touch the 100 percent mark.”

So if you’re reading a food blog emphasizing the shortage of salt in khichdi or number of mirchis in vada pav, there’s a very high chance that it was written by Kanjeev. We wish him all the best in his endeavor to get banned by all the eateries in the city.