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Guy meets his lost brother after apple maps show wrong directions

12, Jun 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Bangalore: World shook on Thursday when Vivek, 27 accidentally met his lost twin brother Anand after Apple maps showed him wrong directions of a café. Vivek and Anand had got separated when they were just four years old and flood had hit their village. 


This is not the first case when Apple maps has come in news for showing wrong directions, Pakistan government has also filed a case against Apple for showing Pakistan as China occupied country in its maps. Apple CEO has clarified that their data is continuously been updated through satellite images and there is absolutely no error as claimed by Pakistan.    

Meanwhile, Vivek and Anand are happy meeting after more than 23 years and have decided to gift iPhones to each other. Their mother was overwhelmed and didn’t stop crying out of happiness. Faking News reporter spoke to Vivek and Anand’s mother. She said, “I have been praying from the past 23 years, and finally he listened to me”. She also said that for her iPhone is god, and then she took the phone from vivek and kept it in the small temple of her home. 

This incident has also started a war on social media, Google took a dig on Apple and tweeted, “World is small, mostly when you are using Apple maps”.  

Apple didn’t keep quiet either and tweeted, “If your perfection can take someone’s life, it’s better to be imperfect”. Reportedly, in August 2016, a Woman from Australia drove her car into a lake after following Google map co-ordinates. After which Google decided to reduce the accuracy of its map.  

Is apple’s imperfection a blessing in disguise? Let’s see how many more people reunite with the help of Apple maps. After all, in this quick to forget and mean world it’s only a phone that has the power to re-connect people.