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Guy thrown out of house party after he eats 5 packets of chips with just 30 ml whiskey

25, Feb 2018 By Akash Vadera

Millennial generation, especially bachelors, are known to keep house parties every now and then. If you’re one of those who like to party, you would’ve attended one house party or the other. These house parties have some unsaid and implied rules, disobeying which leads to extermination from the house party. Similar case happened with Mumbai-based Suyog Sharma when he was thrown out of house party after he ate 5 packets of chips with just 30 ml whiskey.


We interviewed Mr. Rohan Tank or as his friends call him – Bahutalli regarding the rules and regulations of a house party and here’s what he had to say “I was present at the house party where this incident happened. In fact, it happened due to my order. This was not the first time Suyog had done something like that. Since the last 2 house parties, he has consumed alcohol amounting to just 90 ml. I have no problem with people drinking less. My main problem with Suyog is that he ate 8 packets of chips, 1 kg biryani and 3 fistful amount of peanuts with that 90 ml. Now this is a problem. People consider this other food as complimentary, but it is not. It costs us money. So when you’re spending money, there need to be rules, there needs to be a law. And I, Bahutalli, am the protector of that law. I roam around like a vigilante during each house party ensuring each every rule is met. I keep record of everything. I prevent people from drinking even one ml above their capacity. We have record of each person vomiting at what ml of alcohol. This data helps me do my job. I also fine people who drink their first sip without doing cheers. It is considered disrespect. For Christ’s sake, these are basic drinking etiquettes. People don’t even know these. I have let go many violations by many people, but when Suyog did the same mistake for the 3rd time, he needed to be taught a lesson. That’s why I ordered his exile from the house party.”

So if you’re in Mumbai and you are attending a house party, there’s a very high chance that Bahutalli will be present there. So you better learn and prepare the drinking etiquettes before you go!