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Gym-going man forgets to write "no pain, no gain" in caption of his mirror selfie; biceps refuse to pump up

15, Jun 2017 By itsmihir1993

A man was dejected when his biceps refused to pump up after working out regularly in a gymnasium for over two months. Vivek, 25, had joined the gymnasium near his house in Mumbai in the month of March and has been working out ever since. He would go to the gym every day, do his usual workout and click a mirror selfie in the gym before leaving for home.


However, due to unknown reasons, his biceps never pumped up while he clicked mirror selfies in his iPhone. Later, it was discovered that the biceps didn’t pump up because all the mirror selfies that he had uploaded on Facebook from his iPhone did not have the caption “No Pain, No Gain”. When we contacted Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, he said, “Facebook has that provision where if you upload a gym selfie, you have to write “No Pain, No Gain” in the caption. Unfortunately, Vivek will have to hit the gym again and click mirror selfies to ensure that his biceps pump up after working out. Since none of his pictures has “No pain, No Gain” in the caption, not even being single will help his biceps grow.”

Initially, Vivek doubted that there is a technical glitch in his iPhone due to which the biceps look flaccid in the pictures. When he visited the Apple service centre and showed the executive his mirror selfies, they refused to help him. One executive said, “In all the mirror selfies that Vivek has clicked, the Apple logo is not clearly visible. Why did he even buy an iPhone if he did not want to show it off to people on social media that he owns a high-end camera worth Rs 70,000 which can also be used to call people sometimes?”  

Vivek also spoke to his gym trainer about the problem who, in turn, accused him for not being serious about working out. “Vivek doesn’t check in on Facebook when he enters the gym. This clearly shows that he was never serious regarding workouts.”

When we spoke to Vivek, the devastated man told us, “Despite being a single man in India, my biceps haven’t shown any growth in the pictures. What is the use of going to the gym if I can’t show it off to my Facebook friend? However, Vivek has vowed to take matters in his own hands now. “I’ll make sure that the Apple logo is visible in all the mirror selfies that I click and I check in before entering the gym every day. I’ll also ensure that the caption is on point. Apart from these important conditions to fulfil, I’ll also work out so that my biceps pump up,” said a hopeful Vivek.