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Gym owner seen throwing 31st night party so customers can register there after partying for whole night

29, Dec 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. On a New Year’s mission to lose that paunch, flabby resolutioners will be seen crowding gyms across the country since the 1st. How long will they last? Well, that is a big question mark every year and it will be the same this year too.


A Mumbai Gym owner has used it to his advantage. Shwetank Srivastav who owns the FirstFit gym chain in Mumbai has decided to throw 31st night party across all his branches.

According to Shwetank most people who party hard on 31st find it difficult to go to the gym the next day, so it makes sense that I should give gym and party both at the same place. That way I can retain the customers as they would appreciate my customer service.

Faking News team spoke to Shwetank and he had this to say,” Yes, after watching the gym resolution takes all these years, I have concluded that the market is still untapped. Many people fail to take this important resolution as they have a hangover and are too lazy to go to a gym for registration on 1st Jan. So I decided to start this noble activity from 2019 1st Jan”