Monday, 27th January, 2020


Gym owners get equipment on rental basis for New Year resolutions

02, Jan 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai.  As the new year arrives, there come a lot of new year resolutions only to end before the new year celebrations end. One of the most common new year resolutions among youth is hitting the gym. However, not more than 5% continue with their new year resolution and most people end it in the first week itself.

People not being able to continue causes loss to many gym owners who purchase new equipment after increase in the number of registrations during the start of the year which remain unutilised later on. To address the issue many gym owners have come up with a solution and are taking equipment on rental basis.
Faking News reporter spoke to  Mukesh Harane, the owner of Potato gym. Here’s what he had to say about the idea of buying equipment on rental basis purchase, “See, we have noticed a pattern that more than a thousand people register for gym membership and join on 1st January, however, the number of members who are regular reduces drastically and at the end of the first month we have less than fifty members left. So there’s no point of purchasing new equipment.” Upon being asked why don’t people continue with gym, Mukesh said, “Most of the people come to gym basically in the hope of getting a girlfriend but after some time they realise that ‘body par bharosa karne se Accha kismat par bharosa karo.. matlab nahi pategi'”, giggles Mukesh while replying to his girlfriend’s text.
While some gyms are obtaining equipment on rental basis some gyms are buying low quality china made equipment as they know “zyada nahi chalega.. membership”.