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Gym workouts made mandatory for Delhi cops after video of lawyers beating police officials has left the dept red-faced

08, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

The Tis Hazari Court incident has not just affected the morale of the Police force, it has left the department red faced. The video has prompted the Home Ministry to look into the matter and as per recommendations from the Ministry, gym workouts will be mandatory for Delhi cops.


While speaking to our reporter, a Senior Police Office said, “It was clearly evident from the video that lawyers are physically stromger than cops. That is shameful for us as that is not how the public perceives us. If we cannot protect ourselves, how can we protect others. So as per the recommendations, our force will have to work on their strength by spending time in the gym. Cops need to be fit and healthy. That is not the case currently and most them look like punching bags. No wonder those lawyers were raining punches.”

“However all that will change from now. No cop will be allowed to skip workout. So the next time any lawyers gets adventurous, he will have to face the consequence,” he added.

Sources say that cops will also be provided Protein Powder to ensure that they end up looking more muscular.

Meanwhile, lawyers have found a new identity after the viral video. Many are now hiring the men-in-black for their ‘protection services’ than their ‘legal services’.

A popular nightclub in Delhi even replaced all their bouncers with lawyers to ensure better crowd management.