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Habituated of boarding local train from crowded platform, Mumbai man fails to catch train in Pune after not getting push from behind

12, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Most of the people living outside Mumbai think that boarding a train in Mumbai is too tough. But that’s not the case with Mr. Sanil Jain who has been a regular commuter in the Mumbai local since last 5 years. Sanil goes inside and comes out of the compartment with as much ease as a knife on soft butter. But yesterday he got a shocker of a lifetime when he had to board a train in Pune. Sanil was not able to board it, the reason being that he din’t get the push from behind which he usually gets on crowded Mumbai platforms.

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Sanil regularly catches local from the over crowded Ghatkopar station in Mumbai during peak hours. People make queues on the platform and their judgement while entering a local is precise. Their brain calculates the relative velocity with which the train is approaching the platform, the angle at which people come out of the compartments, the force generated from the push one will get from behind and much more. Sanil had a similar precision when it came to calculations on Mumbai platforms. But Pune is a different city with different way of working, the platforms are not crowded, something which is a surprise for a Mumbaikar wherever he travels.

Sanil had to board a train from Pune while returning back from his short trip. The train arrived at the designated time, but Sanil, who is habituated of getting a push from behind, din’t get that push as there was no rush and consequently lost his chance of getting inside the train compartment. Sanil felt embarrassed and din’t narrate this story to anyone. But a fellow passenger on the same platform reported this incident to the Faking News reporting team in Pune.