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Hans Zimmer consults Ranbir Kapoor on "faadu naye tareeke" of playing music

01, Apr 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai, India: Legendary music composer of Hollywood movies, Hans Zimmer has reportedly consulted the multi-talented actor Ranbir Kapoor for new ways of playing music, after he saw the advertisement of “Saavn Music” app on the internet.

“Ranbir advising Hans Zimmer on fadu naye tareeke of playing music.”

Sources say Zimmer was impressed with Ranbir’s diction in the advertisement, especially the way he says upload, download, side-load, sets the computer on fire and pulls down the DVD store setting. Our reporters spoke to Hans Zimmer to find out the exact reasons for this consultation.

“The reason behind my consultation was to try something new in my upcoming ventures. After Interstellar, I had run out of ideas temporarily and needed something new, especially from different parts of the world. I stumbled upon this Saavn advertisement on the internet and was instantly impressed with the presentation. I immediately asked my secretary to arrange a video conference so that I could seek advice on contemporary and evolving ways of playing music from Ranbir. I’m glad he accepted my video chat request and advised me on a lot of new techniques. Now, I’m very eager to apply these in my upcoming movies. All I can say is Thank You Ranbir! I hope your techniques will help me in converting my nominations into awards!” he told Faking News.

Meanwhile after Hans, Ranbir is expecting the likes of A R Rahman, Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy also to knock his door tomorrow.