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Harbhajan Singh to become the new Foreign Minister of India

27, Oct 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. The government has decided to compensate cricketer Harbhajan Singh, who was demoted by the BCCI from Grade A to Grade B. Bhajji is all set to join the Union Cabinet as the new Foreign Minister of India, replacing SM Krishna.

Harbhajan Singh
Bhajji reacting after getting the news of his promotion

“It will make Bhajji happy, it will lower down the average age of the cabinet, and it will justify foreign trips of Bhajji,” a source explained why Harbhajan Singh was chosen as the new Foreign Minister.

The source hastily added that the promotion of Bhajji as Union Minister didn’t mean an end to his cricketing career.

“Just as Sachin Tendulkar continues to play cricket even after being a Member of the Rajya Sabha, Bhajji too would continue to play,” the source clarified.

“In fact, his official tours will be clubbed with cricketing tour,” the source added, “This will make sure that his critics don’t argue that taking Bhajji to any foreign tour was a waste of money.”

The government is confident that Bhajji will perform better than SM Krishna, whose achievements were bringing India and Portugal together apart from shaking hands with Hina Rabbani Khar.

However, experts are not too sure.

“Bhajji is not exactly someone who can strengthen ties between two nations, especially between India and Australia,” an expert said, “Unless of course we promise to a country that he’d be chosen ahead of R Ashwin in every match.”