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Hardik Patel to change his name to 'Che Patel' for boosting his revolutionary image

24, Sep 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Vadodara: Agitation prodigy and leader of reservation loving youth Hardik Patel has reportedly planned to change his name to ‘Che Patel’ after being impressed with the story of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara.

Che Patel
Che Patel

The first name ‘Che’ is actually a Gujarati word which could help him promote the state; at the same time, it gives him an edge over other international revolutionaries.

Speaking to Faking News, Hardik said, “The world knows about one Che who revolutionized Cuba. I want the world to also remember me, the second Che. If you see, there are a lot of similarities between Guevara and me. Our rally crowds are not photo-shopped crowds. I was arrested and Guevara was too.”

“He is the hero of Cuba while I am the hero of Gujarat”, said Hardik as the moment filled itself with pride.

It is believed that Hardik will sport the Che look in his future rallies for attracting more youth towards his sensational agitation. Some fans have already started printing Che Patel T-Shirts to be worn during rallies.

Sources say, Hardik ‘Che’ Patel is planning around 10 rallies in Tamil Nadu and Kerala to attract more fans and support him in his agitation.