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HBO to replace George Martin with Ekta Kapoor, all GoT characters to come back from dead

15, Jun 2015 By Vaibhav Anand

Mumbai/Los Angeles. Facing enormous backlash over having killed over hundred central characters in Game of Thrones, HBO, the maker of the series, has decided to replace George Martin, the current writer, with Ekta Kapoor. Reliable sources from within both HBO and Ekta Kapoor’s office have confirmed the news.

Expert in bringing people back from dead.
Expert in bringing people back from dead.

“We killed off so many of our principal characters that we had begun losing some of our loyal viewership,” an HBO official said, on condition of anonymity. “After a point, even the sex scenes did not help. So we looked offshore and found that there was apparently a lady in India who had expertise in bringing characters back from the dead. We have replaced George Martin with this lady, with immediate effect.”

Sources from within Ms. Kapoor’s office told us that twenty of the characters including Joffrey, Eddard Stark and Drogo would be brought back from the dead in the next few episodes. Most of these characters would likely get facial transplants as well, in case the original characters were not available.

“Ekta madam has also suggested that we also move the storyline thirty years forward since Westeros has become a little boring; so we might do that as well,” the source said.