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Hoax caller pretending to be Sonia Gandhi to be Congress’ PM candidate

23, Sep 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. The woman who called the Attorney General of India pretending to be Sonia Gandhi has got the reward for imitating the most powerful person of India.

She has been declared the Prime Ministerial candidate of Congress for the upcoming general elections.

Another masterstroke by Sonia Gandhi in choosing Prime Ministerial candidate?

Confirming the news, party spokesperson Manish Tewari said, “We needed someone who could holistically step into the shoes of Dr. Manmohan Singh, who has been pretending to be the Prime Minister of India for over 9 years, and our search ended with this lady.”

“Not only that, as a Prime Minister she can pretend to be totally unaware of the corruption around her, and she would appear more convincing than Dr. Singh,” Tewari explained.

Tewari further added that Congress didn’t have much issues with people who pretend to be something that they are not e.g. a CBI that pretends to be independent or Bharat Nirman ads that pretend to be reality.

“And journalists who pretend to be neutral,” he added.

After this announcement, the fake Sonia Gandhi will be taking on Narendra Modi in the next general elections.

“Feku vs Feku,” Digvijay Singh said even as he parried questions about why Congress chose a hoax caller over Rahul Gandhi.

While BJP has ridiculed the announcement by Congress, the development has been welcomed by India’s neighbors.

“We just love fake things,” China said, while an official statement from Pakistan said, “We are happy to see Indian government respect the talent of pretending, and that’s the reason why we always pretend to be a good neighbor.”