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Honey Singh writes a meaningful song, fans feel cheated

15, Dec 2014 By dilfake

Mumbai. As Newton, the second-most hated man on earth after Bilwal Bhutto Zardari, once said, “What goes up, will come down”, the same seems to have applied to the life of celebrated singer Yo Yo Honey Singh.

About to release his latest single, Faking News had an exclusive interview with Honey Singh.

Out of his mind?

When asked about the new song, Yo Yo said, “I’ve written a lot of songs in my life – about true love, girls, money, crazy girls, Lamborghini, sexy girls, school principals, girls, etc. And now, I thought of taking my innovativeness to the next level. And hence, I’ve written a song about the love a soldier feels towards his country. The lyrics are super-duper awesome, and it will not make you gruesome. Man, I rhymed there! I will leak a line from the song especially for you:

Main hoon iss desh ka sipaahi, Khaake chalaunga main bandook, Jalebi banaani hai laao kadhaai. Shoot karunga pakka, bina koi fluke.

But the dedicated fans of Yo Yo have disliked the idea.

One fan, Rocky Ramesh, said, “Yo Yo has been an inspiration throughout my life. The lyrics, the flashy cars, and  his attitude have helped me through the various difficult phases of my life. Right from my name to my one-liners, all have been inspired by my idol Yo Yo. I don’t know why he cancelled his song Ya Ya Marhaba; I have been waiting for it eagerly. I have also bought a new jacket, a lock and have cleaned my bicycle chain to wear them around my neck. Who would love to listen a rap about a soldier man?!”

Latest reports suggest that Honey Singh has changed the lyrics from “desh” to “bistar” (bed) after receiving the feedback.