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Honeymoon couple find leaking pipe outside hotel window, hotel manager assures that it’s the ‘waterfall view’ promised by travel agent

11, Jun 2017 By Santosh Pradhan
Travel agents have access to great deals to save you money and ensure repeat business.Seems like a win-win situation right? Although many travel agents want you to have an amazing trip for the best price, they also need to make money.  Their “deals” include lots of add-ons that bump up your final cost. A Mumbai couple had the real experience of lies told by their travel agent when they found a leaking pipe outside their hotel room.


Harneet Ahuja and his wife planned to take a trip to Manali for their honeymoon. Their experience while travelling was good and they kept on praising their agent for giving them a good value for money package. It was only after they reached their hotel room, did they realize that their pleasure would be short lived. Harneet’s wife has a knack for detail and soon after entering the room she started exploring each and every bit of luxury available.

To get a feel of the fresh air of Manali, she opened her room windows to find a leaking water pipe just next to it. Being shocked to see such shoddy placement of the pipe, she immediately asked Harneet to inquire about it. If this was not a major shock, more was to follow when the hotel manager convinced the couple that its not a leaking pipe, but it is actually the waterfall view which was promised by the travel agent. He added that after the travel agent intimated them about the couple’s package, the hotel staff created the exact amount of leak which would make it look like a waterfall.

After a long conversation with the manager, Harneet and his wife were convinced and they actually called up their agent to thank him. Our reporter spoke to Harneet and he had this to say,” In these times of lies and frauds, its difficult to find genuine travel agents. In this dry weather of Manali it’s difficult to find a flowing waterfall, and credit goes to our travel agent for making sure that we do get a waterfall view.”